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here's a piece of shit for y'all to enjoy about some edgy kids and an edgy momther/nissan who sort of stole them from loneliness loneliness is a bitch and shaede hates them ~(o3o)~ also shaede is not a good momther but she tries her best let her be umm.. black eevee/umbreon thing=Shaede kawaii shiny eevee w/ green yinyang collar=Silver umbreon w/ extremely wide bands that are also rainbow=SFX glaceon who doesn't like touching and also apparently dated shaede at one point?=Freon perverted flareon that has what kinda looks like skunk markings..? but idk it was a 5 sec decision=Matrix espeon w/ white tipped ears/limbs/tails, also a blue gem=Pixie angry jolteon who just wants some goddamned coloured popsicle sticks=Moon dabbing shiny leafeon who's actually not american lol=Dibo quiet leafeon who's not judging you=Frond easily confused eevee w/ rhinestones on his face and a nerf gun in his tail=Sano touchy puppet master w/ red(like blood) tipped ears/limbs/tail/scruff=Ikore sylveon who's basically always the butt of the joke bc the author is highly biased against sylveons but loves her friend=Caramel

February 11th, 2017, 6:33 pm

Shaede's Random Comics launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Shaede's Random Comics! Comics coming soon!

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